Pilots of Recovery
By K. Nelson

Yours is never easy work.
All stakes could not be higher.
You’re the refuge promptly accessed,
Following accident / illness / fire.

Respected and revered by all
For your Character so strong,
If in pain, fear and confusion,
We are cross  - don’t take it  wrong.

As patients, we’re immersed in
Our own frantic inner stress.
Facing life-amending moments,
Feeling lonely, lost, perplexed.

You have functions of high consequence
Requiring strict attention;
And the weight of responsibilities,
Too numerous to mention.

When you look into our eyes with kindness
When it seems we are crabby or mean,
Our connection as true Family
In God’s universe is seen.

So - we pray the heavy burden
Of your chosen field be light.
That you’re graced with Health, Security
And Joy all days and night.

Please forgive the inconvenience,
As your duties you perform.
For we Bless and Thank each one of you,
As our Pilots through the storm.