Purposeful Wellness and this Olive Gold 03 Distributorship Objective:

From the first time Ingredient Labels were mandatory (long before the age of computers), it made sense
to read them.  Of significance at first, due to an interest in science, and later in order to avoid the potential
of a self-inflicted condition, disease, or other harm.  Initially, the task of identifying strange components was
daunting and time-consuming, requiring trips to the Medical / Science areas of the Library.

Thanks to the Internet, it is now much easier to identify the source, nature,
interaction, and effects of
individual elements within foodstuffs and medications.  It has also become far more frightening to see what
people consume and apply without thinking.  
A respectful word of caution: NEVER take glitzy advertising at face value!  

Overstating the obvious, there is nothing more important than staying fit and healthy – for our own personal
assurance and for a truly maximized existence.  To anyone with Children, this outlook is key – not only to
giving your very best to those who rely on you, but to setting that same example for, and instilling healthy
practices in, those little individuals who learn from YOU as they develop their own Life Skills & Habits.

The Internet explodes with sites specific to Good Eating, Sensible Exercise, Natural Remedies, and the
Dangers of Drug Interaction.  You will find here some links to those professional places.  However, the
purpose of this page is to share with you information on one amazing product that users will NEVER be
without -
Olive Gold 03.

In many cases, a first bottle of Olive Gold 03 is a gift which leads to a reliance on it's "Magical" healing
properties.   After sharing a few squirts here and there with friends (for cuts, burns, varicose veins, liver
spots,  “Pregnancy Tummy”, a wounded pet – whatever), they ALL want their own bottle.  It is used Internally
as well as Externally.   (
OGO3 Testimonials . . here)

One personal use of Olive Gold 03  was to treat a severe bite by a cranky bulldog, near a bus stop on the
other of town.  Several puncture wounds surrounded the finger, one slicing the cuticle in half and loosening
the fingernail.  A Nurse, also waiting at the bus stop, suggested stitches at Emergency and expected that
the nail would most likely turn black and could be lost completely.  The finger was tightly bound for the ride
across the Park; then cleaned at home.  
Olive Gold 03  was then applied, and finger re-wrapped.  Twenty
hours later, the unwrapped  finger was photographed.  The nail was secured, and the previously loose,
jagged skin now lay firm along the finger. Subsequent healing was remarkable.  In a few days there was no
need for a bandage, and today there is no visible scar of any kind.
Photos of dog bite healing here.)

Have used
Olive Gold 03 countless times in every area - including face and neck, and will assign some of
those stories elsewhere.  Just know that I am sincere, eager to share, and happy to answer any & all

                                              Your Manhattan
Olive Gold 03 Distributor
                                                                 Karen  Nelson, 10021