Ever wonder what a city bird sees
from a ledge or a railing?  Here you are!

The primary purpose of this page is to share  
glorious, seasonal views, up and down
Second Avenue, in the Upper East Side
Neighborhood of New York City.  

From this rare and cherished vantage point,  
a viewer can only appreciate the soul and
splendor of New York and it’s People.   The
strength and resilience of city dwellers are
testament to the “Manifestation of
Dreams through Determination. “  
I never tire of snapping snow, rain and sun-
on-the-sidewalk moments “Along the Avenue.”

As other "Birdseye" views are made available,
will share those as well.
AM Cup of Tea
Setting Up 2
NEW YORK UNPLUGGED !  Unexpectedly plunged into darkness.  Second Avenue, Day-into-Night of the Power Blackout, August 14, 2003
Sundown South
Sundown North.
Normal/Lovely AM
Mid-afternoon - Power Out.
Offices empty. Roads jam.
Climb dark
steps?  Some did.
City Disappears North
Normal  South
And South
Day Off
Tomatoes & 2nd Ave
AM Down the Canyon
E. 73rd St
AM view of the Ave
Ordinary Evening East
Healthy Crowd
Above the Fray
A birds eye view of the 2nd Ave. Street Fair 2006      (More Street Fair Photos found at City Living link)
Rush Hour North
Setting up 3
5th-floor Studio from the Street
Fins Rainy  View
Night from Kitchen
Full Moon
Too Dark Snow
Gardening 2
Foggy Commute
Setting Up
SF Music
Lemonade Parade
Almost Over
Breaking Down
Sundown South
Ave in Motion
Tar Beach With View
Tar Beach 2
Tar Beach 3
Kitchen Snow
Working Home Today
First Snow
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These shots originate from a balcony on Second Ave,
mid-70s, northwest corner
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