Our Brotherhood of Heroes
Karen Nelson

As we go through our lives so complacent,
Taking safety and freedom in stride,
Don’t forget there are those with their lives on the line,
Facing danger and death - side by side.

Regardless the size or shape of the “Beast”,
These Titans of Might gear up and proceed.
Calmly dealing with horrors we cannot imagine,
Determined - they answer the need.

There is no way to measure the depth of their daring
As a world-class performance they give.
If they fall or are maimed in the course of their day,
They do so that the rest of us live.

We must also remember their families,
Who support them and manage the home.
For they know any day, fate could spirit away
Their loved one and leave them alone.

God be with all you, uniformed Champions,
As you each give the effort of ten.
For your valor and courage, strength of spirit and heart,
THANKS and BLESS YOU – again and again.
Editors Choice Award
August 2005
International Library of Poetry
Created the morning of

September 11, 2001.

Dedicated to all Military,
Fire, Police and
Emergency Personnel

We  cannot say
Remember YOUR favorite Service Person!
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    Composed through tears, this verse is homage to all intrepid
    Champions (Fire, Police, Military, and Emergency) who risk their
    lives, facing the unimaginable as part of their every day, so that
    the rest of us remain safe, relaxed and free. First published on the
    cover of the Winter 2001 IFMA Quarterly, hundreds (if not
    thousands) have since been distributed individually to men and
    women in service by the author and others who have downloaded the
    Handout (below).

    This verse represents a renewed THANK YOU to the Guardians of
    New York as well as those generous Fire Companies and off-duty
    individuals who came to New York from far and wide to assist for
    months with rescue and recovery.

    Some of our men entered the “Nightmare of No Return”.  Others
    and outside Volunteers worked tirelessly among the smoldering ruins.
    We will never forget their sacrifice.