Nightmare – The Inside Story

For decades, completion of The Second Avenue Subway was considered a New York City
“Pipe-Dream”.  The project had been approached, and abandoned several times.  
Imagine the ambition!   Build
ing an underground conveyance beneath a huge, hectic, hard-working City.

Then - 2004 / Final Approvals / This was ON!     

For the duration of construction, Life along the Avenue – for Residents and Merchants - became one, long
“Character-building Opportunity”.   The magnitude of materials and equipment necessary to this task could
ONLY cause detours, delay and confusion.     A “muck
-house” was a 3-story building designed to
efficiently remove rubble from the below-ground blasting
and drilling.
Built along 2nd Avenue’s east lane, they were totally necessary, noisy and vexing.

Across Second Avenue from the 73rd St Muck
a  NYC Resident  /  Photo-enthusiast  /  Engineer-wannabe documented the amazing above-ground action,  
from a fire-escape on the 5th floor.    The ever-changing topography was compelling, and triggered the
imagination as to what was taking place beneath.  With photos of the initial marking-of-the-sidewalks, this
resident twice refused apartment buy-out offers, in order to complete the collection on Opening Day.  

From hundreds of shots, over 8 years, comes a 32-page Memory Book that tells the Story.

Nightmare on 2nd Ave. is a labor-of-love for NYC UE “Subway Survivors”,
as well as anyone interested in construction, or in
Everything related to the History and Excitement of New York City.  

Access your "Nightmare" anytime.

Carry bright, bold photographic Memories
in your pocket.

Nightmare on Second Ave

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