Phoenix Protective Hood
Live Chamber Smoke Test
Sponsored by SafetyMatters, NYC
Administered by Chief John Brown
Nassau County, NY Fire Training Academy
February 19, 2002

Test Participants
Karen Nelson, Owner,
Marina Bloudyan, Phoenix Inventor
Boris Goldstein, Phoenix Director of Marketing
KJ, Administrator of Phoenix' LA office

Chief Brown chose the bridge of an old ship
(used for Marine Training), rather than the
much larger Smokehouse, as Test Chamber.  
Gases would then take less time to reach
lethal levels.  Here Nelson and Chief Brown
discuss test protocol.  

Participants were accompanied
by Fire Professionals in full gear,
wearing audio equipment
in order to communicate with  
Firefighters outside the chamber.  

Inside the darkened chamber, Firefighters
would ask participants to call out their
name and condition every half-minute or so.  
The "All OK" was then conveyed
to the Chief on the outside.

After 17 minutes had passed, Chief Brown
ended the test, although no one inside
was experiencing discomfort.

Marina was  first to exit.
(Notice smoke level and density.)

Boris and Karen exit chamber,
followed by remaining Firefighter.  
Lab tests on blood samples (taken
before and after the event) indicated
no harmful increase in CO level,  
after nearly 20 minutes of exposure.

" It's truly remarkable.  I never thought it was possible
for a fabric filter to repel carbon monoxide.  
I see a lot of these 'smoke hoods'.  They come and go.  
But after seeing [the Phoenix Protective Hood]
work with my own eyes,
I'm a believer that this device can save lives."

Fire Chief John Brown
Nassau County, NY, Fire Training Academy
Karen Nelson is eternally grateful to all the Fire Chiefs across the States and the years,
who  furthered the
Cause for civilian personal preparedness and protection,
by agreeing to administer tests and demonstrations of equipment in genuine smoke conditions.  

The purpose of this test
was for Phoenix Corporation to demonstrate
( and a potential distributor to test )
the performance of the
Phoenix Protective Hood,
a small,  portable filter mask,
in high levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO), the
Number One killer in fire smoke.
Take personal responsibility for your own safety.
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