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Hello:  My name is Karen Nelson, and I would like to share a nurtured gift for writing.   From a large,
Internationally diverse Family, I grew up around accents of all kinds, so take great joy in particular, when
assisting anyone with a language or grammar barrier to achieve efficient, effective communication.  
Several past clients are courageous - many brilliant - but struggled with English language issues.
We worked together to present their products and services in the best possible light - with clarity,
excitement and integrity.    You will find my fees
modest by comparison.

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    My latest Client is a multi-talented man from France,
    Olivier Rabbath. Olivier is an Internationally
    recognized Shoe & Fashion Designer, who recently
    opened a Boot & Shoe-making Factory & Showroom in
    Brooklyn, NY.     He offers products & services unique
    within the footwear industry.  I wrote, from
    interviews,  most of the pages on his site  (some written
    in the first person).  He has since become quite famous
    and a favorite of many NY Journalists.

    His Website:  HowToMakeBootsFromYourGarage.com.

    To hear M. Rabbath speak in his own words, go to:  
Overstating the Obvious
K. Nelson      April  2008   
The 2008 election could chart the beginning of an exciting and healing adventure,
but only after excruciating fears are confirmed and faced.

We are forced to admit that the foolish neglect of our Democracy  
(individual laziness, which allowed trickery to prevail)
is only just now beginning to demonstrate its consequences.   
The United States of America preemptively invaded a country, uninterested in -  and unable
at that time -  to do us harm.  Millions of innocent civilians are killed, maimed or displaced.  In
addition to our loss of World stature,  respect and moral influence,  this reckless act literally
GREW our enemies from a small number of poorly organized radicals.    

Soon, nearly eighty thousand of our brightest and bravest children will be damaged or gone.   
Our bridges are crumbling.   Our borders are wide open.    Gas is $4 a gallon.   
We are being squeezed by financial pirates, who somehow have "regulations" on their side.   
Homes are in foreclosure.    
We are surrounded by poisons in our air, food and water, yet
spewing industries go unregulated and unpunished.  

We will owe possibly trillions of dollars to a country of questionable intent,
whose military is exploding, as ours diminishes daily.   This debt, and unavoidable threat, will
adversely affect the quality of life for America's future generations.

All of this is the inherent end-result of an uninvolved electorate.  There are forces (large corporations)
who substantially benefit from the ignorance of a "sleeping" Democracy.  Unless voters
PAY ATTENTION to the votes and activities of their elected officials, all kinds of legislation will
be passed -  ( Banking Legislation, for example) -  in the middle of the night.  (???)

We should wait no longer to retrieve our power.   It is easy and interesting to take advantage of
well-researched books,  public programming,  and political documentary offerings.

The "Backstage" of Politics offers far more intrigue than scripted dramas.
Personal action to remedy abuse on behalf of your country is heroic and rewarding.

BEWARE loud, well-funded rhetoric.  It is now LEGAL to LIE on the airwaves.
RESEARCH.  Think for yourself, ask questions and make your opinions heard.
"We the People" elect the governing parties.  Embrace your responsibility!


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I interview and then inscribe original
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