by Karen Nelson

Imagine a big-shot named Lance,
Good-looking with smug arrogance.
He will prey on girls young,
So he never gets stung.
With real women,
He has not a chance.

A controller in truth insecure,
And with motives that prove far from pure.
In a quest to feel tall,
He makes others feel small.
He’ll make promises big
For a sexual vig;
To his Mommy he’ll run,
An obedient son,
‘Til another weak girl he can lure.

Poor, poor Lance - his potential is lost.
For dishonesty comes with a cost.
Big deals, false friends & booze,
In the end he will lose.
For the God-written laws have been crossed.

And the broken hearts left in his wake?
Should expect little else from a fake.
Pluck the stars from your eyes!
Learn to spot a disguise.
Man with money and looks?
Or emotional crook?
Turn to Spirit for Light,
Love and Magical Might.
And then all of Life’s lessons you’ll take.
Reaping wisdom instead of mistake.

Via’s Day
Birthday Tribute

Violetta - so sweet and so wild
With the eyes, heart and soul of a child.
You are giving and kind
Blessed with brilliance of mind
And a natural beauty, self-styled.

Seize this time to be free and to learn
Lessons needed – and some will be stern.
May your future hold Health,
Wisdom, Vision and Wealth,
And a Spirit too centered to burn.

Happy Birthday
A  Tribute to Joe Franklin
Karen Nelson

We are blessed with an icon named Joe,
Who millions of folks feel they know.
He is ageless and quick, with an elegant air,
Broadcast Hall of Fame - First chair, First row.

Joe’s keen memory is legend, you see.
And a generous gentleman, he.
His collection of treasures will whisk you away
To a place where you once loved to be.

With a phone on each ear, Joe stays active,
At the top of his game, it is clear.
With a little-known fact, a great joke or a story,
He will mesmerize all who are near.

Joe’s been known to react, with great kindness and haste,
To a friend or acquaintance in need.
With a legion of leaders, whose respect he has earned,
His involvement has impact indeed.

Joe’s handshake - a powerful link to the past.
When you think of how many he’s touched,
Famous figures who influenced all of our lives -
Thanks for sharing, Joe, thanks very much.

Presented to Joe at an event held in his Memory Lane Restaurant, June 2002

The Tumor
January 2006

They opened up my head
To take a tumor from my brain.
Perhaps it’s an excuse
For some behavior quite insane.

For blaming all the world
When facing failure, chaos, strife,
Instead of grabbing with both hands
The Essence of my life.

Perhaps it’s time to look again
At how I came to be
This well-intentioned person
Madly driven to be free.

Free of chains to others
But with habits that reduce
Potential that was waiting
To explode, create, get loose!

Instead of looking outward,
Now look inward to the Source.
To ask the proper questions,
Hear the answers, plot my course.

To Providence, a “Thank you”
For this chance to see the Light,
Always recognize Life's value, and
Act strongly for what’s Right.

Note to Shawn & Ben
January 14, 2007

Dear Boys, it is so great to see you again.
We’re delighted to welcome you home.
You should know, during your desperate days and years,
You were never – no never – alone.

Family, strangers and friends, with amazing resolve,
Kept their faith and your stories alive.
You had millions of prayers from all corners of Earth,
Affirmations that you would survive.

Whatever you went through – it’s all over now.
Whatever you did – it was right.
We’ll continue each day to send strong, healing thoughts,
For a future fulfilling and bright.
All original verse
June 23, 2008
Prayers of a Nation
A tribute to the courage demonstrated by
victims of recent extreme flooding.
Father's Day card
& Memories of my Dad
Tribute  to all Service Personnel

Hugs for my Driver

You - Drivers of the MTA,
The best in all the land,
Face challenges in NYC
Few others understand.

Huge traffic jams where nothing moves;
The messengers on bikes;
The elderly in wheelchairs;
Screaming teens & smelly tykes.

It takes the patience of a saint
To answer every day
The same old "tour-guide" questions
Or to mask your own dismay.

So - on behalf of all of us
Whose daily lives you touch,
God bless & keep you safe & sound,
Click on Photos to Enlarge
True of all Medical and
Emergency professionals
Our lives are in their hands.