Olive Gold 03   Testimonials  
    I began Using Olive Gold 03 on my tummy several months after I became pregnant with my second
    child.  My body type is Slim, we are expecting a Boy, and my tummy is far larger than it was for my
    Daughter.  I cannot say enough about how much more comfortable is my skin this time around. When
    using this oil, I am experiencing none of the grossly uncomfortable tightness and above all - the
    exasperating itching that I suffered during the first pregnancy.  I also squirt a few drops mixed with my
    other body lotion to use all over, and the Olive Gold 03 improves the spread and absorption of the
    lotion.  I  love it!
    Mercedes Dammers, Mom
    New York, NY
    Our family uses Olive Gold 03 for everything.  We run a small farm and my husband uses it on every
    major cut & deep scratch (daily). Our resident 5-year-old comes in with a scrape or insect bite, and says,
    "I need the oil, Grandma." because he says it takes the pain away fast.    I have Diverticulitis, and take
    regular colonics.  My Hydro-therapist now encourages use of Olive Gold 03 , because she sees how
    much more effective are our sessions, if I rub the oil on my abdomen, prior to treatment.
    I recommend Olive Gold 03 to everyone I know.  And they thank me.
    Mary Kurzava, Herb Grower & Distributor
    Davisburg, MI
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severe Dog Bite.