AAaaaaaaahhh!!!    Good times.


My Personal Choice

If I could invent my own Mother,
(And who wouldn't love that chance)
She'd have a smile that dazzles
And sparkling eyes that dance.

Her touch would be like a velvet hug,
Her laughter - swift and long;
With patience / compassion for all of God's creatures
Her resolution - Strong.

She'd listen to, and pray for me
With a heart staunch, brave and true.
She'd be a beauty full of love.
That's right, Mom - she'd be YOU!
Happy Day, Dearest.

My Inspiration

Here we are – a Sunday in May
The day we celebrate Moms.
As if one day – at any time,
Could fit within so few hours
What we’d like to say
Of the work and play,
Of the trips and songs,
Of the chores and fun,
Holidays and nuns.

Irene, my Mom - as much my Friend.
The best of me - creativity and:
Kindness, some genius,
A wee bit o’ charm
Was learned at your knee   
In your kitchen, your arms.

All who have known you, owe you so much.
Healing a thousand times with a touch
And a word, and your time,
And forgiveness.

Just knowing you would be a privilege. It’s true.  
How lucky I was to be one of the brood,
Smelling fresh cookies, in deep Family mood.

That fragrant breeze kissing your beautiful cheek
Is, delivered, my gratitude, each day and week.

Happy Mother’s Day  

No Regrets

We’re so alike in many ways,
Much more unlike in others.
There should be signs of growth and change,
In Daughters from their Mothers.

Do not “I should have” this or that,
When remembering back, “the day.”
You had the Gifts to fill my needs,
Which is why I came your way.

Without thought, your decisions
Always run through values deep.
Without a sound, your character
Into my soul did seep.

Believe me – No “mistakes” were made.
Each bump, a purpose serves.
My prayer?  Become the daughter
That a Mom like you deserves.
Below are verse from other Mother's Days.

Happy, Blessed Mother’s Day

Dear Mom:  So much I want to say
To celebrate this Special Day,
When thinking of our Moms is what we do.
Yet words, which always come so fast,
Elude me, as I search the past
For one description of my mentor  – You!

Mere metaphors can’t demonstrate
The way you truly dedicate
Your time and energy – no matter who.
You’re up and joyful every day,
To help another in some way.
You walk (not talk) the Path of Light.  It’s true.

How lucky, I, to be your child,
Born to Parents in love – creative and mild,
Assisting my Mom in generous acts, through time.
You revealed the joy that comes with giving.
You influenced my mode of living,
And now your way of sharing Love is mine.
Which passes Spirit through the human line.
And seems to leave all parties feeling fine.

Thank you, Sweetness.
Away on Your Day

Hi Mom:  
Sending my love.
Wish I was there -
To help a bit with dinner,
Hug your shoulders,
Share a prayer.

Still grateful for
Your many lessons wise.
Still basking in your love which pours
From sparkling, clear, blue eyes.

To everyone at table,
Where I’d really like to be,
Please give our beautiful Irene
A lengthy hug & kiss from me.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.
I couldn't love you more.

Herein find verse inspired by my remarkable Mother, Irene.
If any of the poems below fit YOUR Mom,
feel free to use non-commercially with my blessing.


In an instant, Life can throw a curve which makes it clear:
Someday we’ll face a time when our Beloved Inspiration,
Our Adviser, Our Foundation -
The Mother we adore might not be here.
It’s then we’ll wonder did she REALLY know
How integral a part of our true Character,
Our Heart, Our Goodness
Comes from patterns and examples long ago?

And so on Mother’s Day - we contemplate
The value of the lessons
That our Mothers propagate.
Might they be to “Work hard” or perhaps to “Get ahead”?
Or  “Keep yourself so lovely, someone
else will make your bed”?
In our case, Mother’s message – strong and pure.
To “Love and give”, “Be always kind”  “Of Truth alone be sure.”

To never mock - to never make feel "less"
The unattractive, awkward or unfortunate,
We find in situations, under pressure or duress.
But rather, seize each opening to soar;
To use our Gifts of beauty, wit and Spirit to restore
The Hope or gladness of another Being
Whose feelings we perceive, on some occasion, to be poor.

As for the real importance of YOUR impact – your example,
This day, my Darling Mom, please have no doubt.
Through endless deeds of kindness
And acceptance and forgiveness
You gave to us the Essence that the Saintly speak about.
Maturity, Benevolence, Compassion and Humanity
The Aptitude to reach a higher stage.
And so – no matter where you are, you live within my Soul.
I carry you as part of me through this and every age.

Thank you, Angel – You are with me always.


Another Spring, and ANYTHING might happen!
And so, Dear Mom, I’d like to make it clear
That all my life through song and strife, your childhood lessons,
Firmly planted, served me well through each and every year.

Though surgeries destroyed my face and changed my very course,
Your voice inside my heart - which I could not disobey -
Forbade me to abandon hope, but rather summon up my Force
To turn a corner, reassess and find another way.

Your courage as you deal with any problem,
Your kindness and forgiveness – in all you do or say
Inspire we who love you, those who know you - even strangers.
We burst with pride and gratitude on this - our Mother’s Day.
Photo by K. Nelson