Prayers of a Nation
K. Nelson

To our Neighbors in flood-soaked America,
With destruction true epic in size:
All hearts ache, while we watch
With horror and shared grief
As the waters continue to rise.

Devastation so massive -
Some cases complete.
You are challenged to the end of your Being.
But - When your Faith is Source
For required Inner Strength,
Each Thought shapes the New Life you’ll be seeing.

You’re a Living Event
In a moment of history -
Only YOU handle this Episode.
Like a pioneer, trials will demand innate genius.
Creativity spawns the new mode.

Mark things down in a journal,
Write your thoughts or a verse.
Keep a positive outlook – You must.
We are out here with prayers and donations when can.
So - In “Law of Attraction” - please trust.

To the rest of us – struggling but far more secure:
We can each make a small sacrifice.
These are Brothers and Sisters – Our National Family.
Needing BIG Help – We should not think twice.

Blessings and Hope.

Submitted to local newspapers & stations
so that residents experiencing
a nightmare are aware of our prayers.