Of all the Dads in all the world
I thank God I got you.
You’re funny, strong and handsome
But there’s something else that’s true.

All of my life I’ve felt secure
Just knowing you are there
To fix a bike, or give advice
Or wait up late to show you care.

Our bedtime was a pleasure
“Cuz you'd sing us songs to sleep.
The memories of those moments
Are forever ours to keep.

So get a hole in one today
Stay healthy and be glad,
For in the hearts of all your kids
You’re the all-time Greatest Dad!
Recently rediscovered card, a much younger  Karen made for her Dad, a key source of her inspiration. Circa. Late 1960s / Early 70s.

Sincere Fathers Day blessings to all men who have taken on the colossal responsibility
    of creating Life and influencing the Direction, Attitude & Spiritual Health
    of another Human Being.      Your success is essential !

              To that impressionable little Soul, you are the most important man on Earth.

    Sharing a few memories of Eugene J. Marchewitz, husband of Irene Ferguson, and
    beloved Father of six happy, grateful kids.

    A Coast Guard radioman in WWII, Gene opened his own home-based
    electronic sales & repair business before age 30 (late 1940s).  Inventor / R & D man
    for several electronics corporations, Gene pioneered in the early days of computer
    science.  We lost him when he was in his mid-50s.

    Poppa sang in the Church choir, assisted anyone who asked, and established the
    ROAA, the Red Oak Archers Association, a neighborhood club, with fun-filled monthly
    meetings,  well-planned quarterly competitions, and goofy, coveted prizes.

    Poppa could make anything, fix anything, played several instruments, trumpet always
    at the ready.  He adored his wife & family,danced like a pro, sang aloud and often - for
    absolutely no reason - saw only the best in everyone, and forgave instantly.  His
    frequent & melodic laugh was completely contagious.
Happy Fathers Day !!!
A consummate Musician
Irene & Gene
Parents / Best Friends / Sweethearts &
Dance Partners, through  thick & thin
Daddy recognized my talents immediately
From a basement workshop, fixed anything
Home for the Holiday -
First Daughter's first hug in awhile
Near the end - No self-pity whatsoever
An Extra Special THANKS  to  
the wonderful Brother and
Brothers-in-Law, who gave me
kind, strong Nieces and
Nephews, who I love absolutely,
as if my own.
Oh, the blissful early days . . .

Darling Poppa:
Stories of your genius, kindness and humor live on
whenever neighbors, friends and family gather.

Your humility was far too great for you to
understand the impact of your legacy.  
Those whose lives you touched will never forget you.

Still thanking  you, Dearest, for all you gave to me.
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