Her Friends’ Farewell to Leslie Long, RN
K. Nelson

We miss you so already.
You left too quickly, Dear.
Yet on another level
It’s as if you are still here.

For anyone who knows you,
Each time our eyes alight
Upon a vibrant work of Art
We’ll see your face
Your beaming smile
So void of judgment, scorn or guile
So full of Trust, with always Open Heart.

We’ll see your face and
Feel your Glowing Light,
So genuine in its Intent
To benefit a Client / Friends;
To share your treasures openly
With style and grace - we’ll see your face
In all Courageous Art -
A metaphor you aptly represent.

Our void will be the absence of your passion.
You kept all discourse on a joyful chord.
Your selflessness and honesty
Restored in others (for sure in me) true Hope,
Reversing then a waning Faith
That Goodness IS indeed its own reward.

We never will forget you,
We miss you so already.
We'll try this date to celebrate
Each moment you were here.
It’s up to us to nurture
Lessons learned from having known you.
For on the Highest Level,
We will always keep you near.
Bye Bye, Sweetie.
Hugs & THANKS!
All photos by Karen Nelson