This page is dedicated to my neighbors and their dogs.  Nearly all photos
canine in nature are taken on the fly - usually in under 30 seconds.  

Without a yard of their own, City Pups look forward to getting
out and about on the streets.  In cold and wet weather,
some can make quite a fashion statement.

Unless a photographer is carrying a tote full of  treats,  dogs - trying   to make
the  most of their walk - would rather not be interrupted, for
an unrewarded photo shoot by some stranger.     Who can blame them?

Less about "art", this page is "Thanks"  to all the terrific neighbors who allow me
to take a moment with, and a photo of, their canine companions.  

If you see your Friend on this page, and would like to share
(or correct the spelling of) a name or news,  OR have trouble downloading,
simply email, and it shall be resolved.
There.  Happy?  
May I be excused?
The Argyle Wiggler
Perfect shot -  - oops
2 out of 3
Invited to lunch
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Hopeful still
Hope fading
Hopeless Acceptance
This way, Sweetie
No  No  This way
Cesar Millan, please
Red Serious
All the puppies want to be me.
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His own tuxedo
First day on the street
Big & Sweet
Not Budging
Puppy Pro
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All bundled up
Gorgeous Coat & Cut
Where I Belong
Designer Diva
Last shot - seriously
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Hi-Energy / Generous Kisser
7-month old Munson
Sweet Max
Mom Designs.  Baby makes a Fashion Statement.
Riley's coat needs no accessory
Sunshine prefers her harness upside down.  More control.
Pose for a Stranger?
Sophie  on a spree
What's not to love about shopping?
Independent Spirit
A Clementine Sighting on 2nd Av
Mom close by
Lovely Lilly
Tiny "Me & My Shadow"
"Singing" until Mom returns..
Mimi Dines with Family
Priscilla Shops with Mom
Taking care of each other
Family Luncheon
Walking Wounded
Givin' up the Tummy
Bringing Along the Baby
Too Busy to Pose
Mom Does My Hair
These sweet Seniors still enjoy the streets.
Koko  - Companion to a  Prince
Mattie and Minnie Take Second Avenue
Maggie carries her own ball
AND sports an invisible, supersonic leash
To all Dog Owners:  
First - THANK YOU for sharing your beloved
with this photographer for a moment.    Also - there may be
other shots of your dog not seen here.  
Feel free to email for pet's name corrections or to
request  other photos be sent to you.
If you waited awhile for these to go online, forgive the delay.
Leslie's Loves
Minnie & Mom
Pookie & his new Baby Sister
Resistant & Headstrong Hazey
NO!  I will NOT pose.
Here.  Is this "cute" enough?
You will never get
a clear face shot.
Get it?  NEVER!
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Click Photo to Enlarge
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Heaven in her Royal Transport
Ajax:  You talkin' to me?
Monsieur LePlume:  Mere Cherie,
tell thees camera person to go away.
You'll be brief. Oui?
Hey  !!!  Remember us?
Lovelies Tallulah &  Mom
turn heads on 86th St
Sunday Brunch with Tyler
Franny - chillin' with Dad on the weekend
What?  Dog-walking?
No thanks.
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Darling Darla & Crusty Capone
Fran and her beloved Rescue Dog,
the grateful and talented Tony
Rescued Trio
Perfectly Matched
Fabu Family w/
Multiple opinions on direction
Are we having fun yet?
Jackson & Mom
Prettiest feet
No more interruptions, please
Fashionable Chopsticks & Dad
Pro-active pooch makes no bones
about his political views.
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Frick, distracted.  Piper, annoyed.
Direction as yet undetermined
Barney-Master of his Domain
Anxious Ballerina waits for Mom
Enjoying a solid retirement plan
Miss Muffin
Spotted on 2nd Ave