No photos were taken on the night the bite occurred.      
    The flesh was hanging; the nail was loose from a split
    cuticle.   I was quite shaken, and could not hold the
    camera steady  AND - it was necessary to get the wound
    quickly cleaned,  treated with Olive Gold 03 and tightly

    First photos were taken approximately 20 hours after
    dog bite, so that I could judge for myself the healing
    power of Olive Gold 03 .

    At the time these photos were taken, there was no
    thought that they would be used for testimonials.  An
    amateur photographer, visual documentation is a habit.

    Many shots are blurry, because the bite happened to my
    dominant, right hand - so the camera is being handled
    with my left.
     Photos are unaltered and dated.
6 Days after bite, no bandages were    
necessary.  Today, no scar whatsoever
Bite marks 2.5 days after
initial            treatment with
Gold 03
Swelling down; progress obvious.
After only 20 hours, nail sat tightly  
again; sliced cuticle was "knitting"   
together and previously loose flesh
lay snug against finger.
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