Of course all big cities have skylines, parks and
rooftops.  New York City just happens to enjoy an
embarrassment of riches, as well as some
characters and venues that are indeed unique,
majestic and at times downright comical.   
More to come.
This page is meant to be a grateful, loving tribute.
Clouds Over W 57th
Concrete Canyons
Street Fair Madness
Every Weekend in Summer and Fall
Held in the shadow of New York's stunning structures,
attendees experience Joy in every form.  
Of hundreds, hoping these few photos capture the mood.
Birds Eye View of an Interesting Project
Rooftop View 2
Downtown Pre-911
Atop the Brooklyn Bridge
Dancing Under Stars

East face completed,
all scaffolding is
moved to another
side of building.  
Some progress was
missed, due to the
photographer's travel
Strong, organized
and efficient,
these men took
down the facade
brick by brick.  
Each night a
huge, full
dumpster was
replaced with an
empty one.
Enjoying the Terrace
Gloomy Yet Gorgeous
Architects Gone Wild
8th Ave Bus Station
Old & New at War?
Great Lock & Chain
Table Envy
Well-deserved Lunch
"Spiders" in Non-stop Motion
The Office
When the white brick  building next door decided to go red,  the process was mesmerizing.   
Noisy, inconvenient? Perhaps, but the result is stunning, and work was completed in less than a year.  Truly amazing!
Getting Started
Scaffolding Up
Materials Under Wrap
5:00  PM
Checking Progress
It's a Wrap
Short AM Break
Times Square Ledge
Ledge Impression 2
Ledge Impression 3
Focused Urbanite
Central Park East Edge
Central Park SE Edge
Jim's Time Square Studio
Old & New Coexist
Violin Delight
Sunrise Serenade
AM Crowd
Red Accordion
Old Country
Rock On
West Side Event
Concert in Central Park
New York is teeming with talent and lucky commuters may hear a concert almost
anytime.  Most appreciated are those whose music echoes through
the tunnels as we await the train.  
Giants Watching
Excited Audience
Todays Entetainment
Front Row Seat
Angels Dancing
In the Midst
Balloon Man
An Event for All Ages
Pony Rides
Turtle Woman
Sidewalk Romantic
Never Too Young
Click Photo to Enlarge
Duet A
Duet B
Delta Dave
A seed planted.
The Red Wall Blues
AM in Central Park
Huge Crowd Pleaser
The Remarkable Rakiem Walker
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Click Photo to Enlarge