From my tiny, upstairs corner of the world to yours:   
Sincerest best wishes for safe and memorable Holidays.  
Blessings for a creative and productive coming year.

Winter Thoughts

A better year has come and gone.
Let go the fear – let go the doubt.
Embrace the Spirit of this time;
America is all about Determination,
Fortitude, true Courage & a Strength of Mind.
Compassion for all citizens;
No needy people left behind.

Remember days of Love & Hope
When Countrymen worked side by side.
Resist the well-paid Air-Wave shills
Who foment hate and foul our pride.
Support an Optimistic Purpose.
Avoid the lies that fill the air.
Research the Truth or bite your tongue.
Share dialogue useful and fair.

Holidays are remembrances of Holy Days;
Time to stop, reflect, then act accordingly.

With Love, and Thanks
that you are with or around me.

Karen Nelson
Tunnel Vision
Upstairs Studio  -  Holiday lights on trees & balcony
Urban Forest
Kitchen View
Treats await all who
make it to the top.

All photos by Karen.  
Some Enlarge with a Click.