Photos   Unlike   Any   Others !
ENJOY re-living the 2nd Av.
Souvenir Booklet of Color, Progressive
ver 8 years,    from a Bird's-Eye View.

    5.5" x 4.25"      25 Photos in all.

A Bird's-eye View at The Birth of the Q

Experience a Trip down Memory Lane - Without the Pain.

Now that our shared inconvenience has been replaced by
"Transportation of Which Dreams Are Made"
See the process from an entirely different perspective.

A Photo-Documentary of NYC Transportation History

If you lived through the construction "nightmare",
This Booklet is a piece of YOUR History !

30 Uncommon, Color, Chronological Photos
Tell the Story
Over 8 years - from a 5th floor balcony

4.25"x 5.5" Paperback or e-booklet for screens
    Unique / Thoughtful  GIFT  !!
Contact:   Karen Nelson
Nightmare on Second Ave
Birth of the New NYC Q Train