Photos   Unlike   Any   Others !
ENJOY re-living the 2nd Av.
Souvenir Booklet of Color, Progressive
ver 8 years,    from a Bird's-Eye View.

    5.5" x 4.25"      25 Photos in all.

A Photo-Souvenir of NYC Transportation History

Genuine Collector's Item

Now that our shared inconvenience has been replaced by
"Transportation of Which Dreams Are Made",
See the process from an entirely different perspective.

Nightmare on Second Ave.

Over 8 years - from a 5th floor balcony

If you lived through the construction "nightmare",
This photo-doc is a piece of YOUR history !

A Tribute to Trade Pros who built the Q.

Experience a Trip down Memory Lane - Without the Pain.

4.25"x 5.5" Paperback - Available in Volume

Nightmare e-booklet for screens !