Early on, modeled for high-end Detroit photographers,
local merchants, and an esteemed art academy.
Since moving to New York City, worked in films, and voice-over,
and, for two films, designed and created four costumes.
Removal of a benign tumor, 2006, partially affected facial appearance.
( HUGE potential here )
Also a published writer, lyricist and patented inventor.

Intelligent, imaginative and works harmoniously with all personality types.

Seeks creative and courageous Writers, Directors, Casting Agents.

5'6" / FIT (Size 8 - 10) /  Blue  Eyes  / Lt. Brown Hair  /  Shoe 9  

NYC  10021     -     212.249.7651      -  

Study (from 2005) with Director & Coach, Emily Fabella Stevens
2006, Voice-over with Susan Berkley
(Bose Radio and United Telecom Alliance ads)

In addition to various student shorts:

2005 Film:
CornStarch Gizmo, Director Astro Saladino.  Grandmother of lead as child.
2006 Film:
Flimsy Toad Paper, Director Astro Saladino.  
Saint Ann and Saint Bridget. Also designed / created 4 Costumes
May 2007, Participated in a PBS Documentary on Envy.   
April 2007, One of 4  featured in a
promotional film for Overlook Hospital, NJ.
2009 Web Series Pilot:
Drugs, Sex & Jazz, (Comedy),  
Director Cameron Washington.  
Eliza, "Cougar".
2009 Film:
Living Liza, Director Nicole Alexander.  
Fan on Boardwalk.
Background assignments - ongoing.  

Years as a sales
Trainer enhanced an instinct for the objective of Direction.  
writer.  Prolific photographer.
State level Strategist &  
Organizer for a Presidential Campaign.  
(Set-up Community staging offices. Opened rallies. Media contact.)
Public Speaker - addressed large audiences at Association and Industry Events.
Modeled early on for local businesses and for the
Cranbrook Institute of Arts, Bloomfield Hills, MI (sculpture, photography, painting classes).

Perfect for the right project.         Worth a reading.