The Central Park Assembly
The Swim  1

For a few hours each day, dogs are
allowed off-leash in certain areas of
Central Park, New York City.

The early morning "meetings" are
attended  religiously by many.
Every breed is represented.

Hoping to catch the dogs at play, for a
split-second "owner shot",
the photos are as much about the
splendor of the setting,
whatever the season.
The Gentlemen
5th Ave at 77 St.
The Ladies
George & Lilly
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My Turn To Walk 1
Bear in the Woods
Fall Trail 1
Entrance at E 72nd St
Fall Trail 2
Shadow Spectacular 1
S S  2
Fall Trail 3
Regulars 1
Regulars 2
Rescue Pups
A time for Reflection
Swim  2
Swim  3
Swim  4
Swim  5
Best Pals
Watch This
Say Hello
Gathering 1
Gathering 2
Mr. Blue
Renegade Swimmer
Moms Rescue
Soaked & Smiling
In the Shade
Socializing 3
Hello? Dead Ball Here
Not Yet
Yes, Please
Thanks, Mom
Awaiting the Toss
Socializing 4
Quality Time
Feisty Fam
Socializing 6
Clem & The Gents
Hillside Setting
On such a Spring day, all creatures are dwarfed by the breathtaking beauty of  budding flora.
Lilly's favorite time of the day.
Fannie Mae approaches
And she only has eyes for Dad.
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Samantha & Dad
Henry & Sam - Enjoying the space.
Henry hiding from his sister.
Very interesting.
Cous Cous, Mama's Cutie
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Do I know you?