For the Love of Second Avenue
K. Nelson

Have you heard? There’s a new Subway coming;
Cutting some travel time by half.
SO - Bring cameras and kin to this Moment in Time,
For a memorable day and a rare photograph!

It’s a main route to downtown for business,
Or to access a Medical Center or two.
No public road holds higher value
Than this hard-working Avenue.

From the chic elegance of the Upper East Side
To the beautiful bargains down Bowery way,
Enjoy theatres, eateries, small shops and large stores.
Find just what you seek at the best price to pay.

What a tourist might call “inconvenient”
With the detours and dust all around;
A New Yorker will call “Evolution!”
Of our old, yet still burgeoning Town.

Come watch History-making construction!
Find a sidewalk café and a beverage ice-cold.
When the subway is done, we’ll tell daughters and sons
How we witnessed this marvel of hi-tech unfold.

It’s a wonderful place to visit or live,
For the kind of great memories we’d all like to have.
Come for laughter and lunch, for shopping and fun.
Come on over to 2nd Ave!

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Below are photos taken of subway
construction progress from
one tenant's perspective.  

Click any photo to ENLARGE.
October 2008
Finally it Begins
August '09
They're baack!
Early July '11 - Long-shot South
June '11 Zoom South
Growing to the South.  April 2011
June '11
High Guys Up Close
Mid-July 2011
The Cover-up Begins
AKA Lunchtime Crooner
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Late July '11
Cover-up Continues
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To Neighbors and other Lovers of Second Avenue and New York City:
Becomes a YouTube Sensation
Spot the OTHER Celebrity !!!
CNN's Jeannie Moos with her film crew.
August 2, 2011
June 2011 Looking North
Rush Hour - Still Moving
Remember THIS Second Avenue?
Let us think of our beloved Second  Avenue as it was and WILL BE AGAIN - tree-lined,
with wide lanes, sprawling sidewalks, and as relevant a road as any
in this great Nation.      Let's get creative to support our Merchants.

Why not reverse current sentiment and make Second Avenue a
New York City Tourist Destination?!?  
Building an
underground conveyance
beneath the streets of a huge, busy City is an historic and astonishing feat.
Alert the Tourist Industry!     Come witness!      Take photos!

Once the subway is completed, the streets will return to normal.  
That will be great - but then
gone forever will be the opportunity to see first-hand what is
possible with America's "can do" Spirit.
Imagine the Logistical Challenge -
As Living and Business go on as usual!
Great pains are taken to minimize noise and dust, and while some lanes are closed,
others move consistently most of the day.    
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MORE PHOTOS in the Subject line.
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your address is shared with NO one.
Subway Progress
In late 2008, the pedestrian sidewalk on
the West side of 2nd Avenue, in the
lower 70s, was cut in half. Some
construction took place for a bit,
then a pause in progress.
September '09
A few months work and
pause again.
November 2008
So Long, Sidewalk
Cool Crane Up Close
Early June 2011
East side -  May 2010  -  Another "New Beginning"
Tremendous Teamwork
More New Bins!
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Supervisor w/ Golden Pipes
Neighborhood Joy-maker
Man, Machine & On-site Solution
Door Frame Needs Moving
And Then Installed
Frame in Place
The Beat (and the work) Goes On!
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Our Subway Superstar & His "#1" Fans

We have wonderful concerts at noontime
Starring Gary, a generous singer and sage.
With an ever-increasing audience
Of fans – every size, shape and age.

One most loyal – adorable Doris
Who stands right up front, tapping toes to the beat.
Still as fit and as stylish as ever she was,
A star in her own right, an honor to meet.

It’s a memory-making experience,
A thrill for our neighborhood - He gives up lunch.
We forgive MTA.   We thank Gary and say,
“We've enjoyed every minute, and Bless YOU a bunch!”
Portrait by Geoff Rawllings  August 19, 2011
Doris & Friend
Posies, Press & a Groovy Sax
Another Packed House!